An extraordinary substance that REJUVENATES your whole body in 30 days...and makes you look 10 years younger!
It all started in 1997 when a tourist called Ronald Jenson broke his collar bone when he fell from a horse during his holidays in Quebec.

He was treated by a local Indian healer with a mysterious plant. Amazingly, the broken collar bone mended in just 3 weeks. He later learned he had been treated with the Sunroot plant (also known as the Jerusalem Artichoke) which the Algonquin people of Ontario had used for centuries to soothe joint pain, heal wounds, mend fractures, treat respiratory infections and even as an antidote for snake bites, etc.

An ULTRA-POWERFUL root with 1000 miraculous properties...!

Back in Australia, after his miraculous cure, he went straight to his doctor, Doctor Lake, and told her his story. He told her about this root with extraordinary therapeutic properties, since not only had he completely recovered from an accident that could have been fatal, but the Sunroot had ALSO given him a second youth!!!

In reality, this amazing natural product has very powerful restorative properties which, for centuries have been successfully COMBATING many illnesses, instantly relieving pain and inflammation, toning tissues and fighting effectively against all forms of ageing. Intrigued, Doctor Lake and her colleague Professor Read immediately embarked on an in-depth study of this forgotten vegetable. What they discovered exceeded ALL their expectations:
Never had they encountered such an effective product that treats serious health cases that until now had been so difficult to relieve.... Their discovery is revolutionary!

The root of the Sunroot contains a multitude of vitamins, minerals and amino-acids (over 70) including a rare molecule – inulin – capable of protecting your body and helping it regenerate cells by stimulating the production of antibodies.

But that’s not all…. here’s the most EXTRAORDINARY thing!

Amongst the 150 ACTIVE ingredients in Sunroot, there are elements like oligofructose which helps rebuild damaged joints, pantothenic acid which slows down the spread of tumours and fructane which reduces levels of bad cholesterol.

The two doctors demonstrate that the symbiosis of all these compounds in their primitive state gives this amazing root “extraordinary” powers and “rejuvenating” properties which are without equal.

The result of 10 years of work is the SPECTACULAR healing of cases where conventional medicine simply does not work. So Doctors Lake and Read provided proof that Sunroot is indeed the “panacea” for all natural therapies!

Yes! They prove that Sunroot is the most powerful immunostimulant in the world: an authentic universal panacea that no other plant can equal today.

Press coverage throughout the world is unanimous:

“The plant of ETERNAL YOUTH has finally been discovered!” All the media seize on this exceptional discovery that propels Sunroot to the top of the list of ultra-effective “YOUTH BOOSTERS”.

Traditionally the Sunroot was used in North America by the Indians to preserve youth and as protection from certain debilitating illnesses and to ensure good health and longevity. In modern times the Sunroot has undergone many clinical tests showing its FABULOUS properties:

• ABSOLUTE pain relief!

• Anti-ageing

• Metabolic stimulator

• Boosts vitality

• Boosts immunity

• Prevents diseases, such as arthritis...

• Anti-rheumatic

• Reduces cholesterol

• Aphrodisiac

This is the “superior remedy” par excellence for SOOTHING everything – PURIFYING the blood – REVITALISING the cells and making completely new cells – visibly rejuvenating your whole body for good!

These amazing testimonials from all over Austrailia jsutify the incomparable and incredible benefits of this ancient root that were unknown until recent times.
So, you too can regain your health – BE YOUNGER – BOUNCE BACK!... with the YOUTH BOOST Remedy

Yes! Add many wonderful happy years to your life, glowing with a youthfulness finally regained! 10 years younger after 30 days of taking Sunroot and start a NEW LIFE!

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